About Us

Secret Project Brewing is a craft beer microbrewery based in the Fens of Cambridgeshire.

We love hoppy beers, and so these are the ones that we are brewing.

We are dedicated to keeping our beers in perfect condition, so as soon as they are packaged they are moved into our coldstore keeping them fresh and hoppy!

All of our beers will be 100% Vegan – no isinglass, no lactose, no honey – nothing derived from animals.

We are truly a DIY brewery, having started as a passionate homebrewer who had the questionable idea of packing their job in and turning their hobby into a brewery.

We moved out to a village in the Fens where we found a house with a couple of ramshackle sheds that we knew would be the perfect place for our Secret Project.

So we set about getting planning permission, and completely transforming the sheds into what now holds our little microbrewery.

To get in touch please follow the email link at the top of the page, or message us through social media.